When in doubt, choke ‘em out

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“Strangleholds” Are Without A Doubt The Best Way To Defeat Bigger & Stronger Opponents

How many “chokeholds” do you know and know well? Hopefully at least a few right?

It’s an important question to ask yourself because sleeperholds give you the power to quickly dispatch and incapacitate a man with just the right technique and a small amount of pressure.

When done properly, they do not require a lot of muscle and they are pretty darn easy to learn and put to use! 

 This makes these “chokeholds” unique in the martial arts world in that there is no other method that is as certain to take a man out as a good choke.

Chokes, sleepers, strangleholds  – whatever you want to call them, these things work GREAT and Scott Sullivan’s new “Stranglehold” series will teach you all about how to do them correctly, how to set them up, and how to follow up with a different move should a problem arise.

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The BJJ Video Encyclopedia Volume 2 is finally here…

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Mario Roberto’s BJJ Video Encyclopedia has been a smash hit since it was released back in 2008. We have received numerous comments from people who are very impressed with his teaching style and the techniques he offers. Some of these comments have come from high ranking BJJ guys. In any case, we decided to do a second volume with brand new techniques to build on the previous course.

Finally it is all completed and ready for you all to digest. Read more about it here: